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After a brief hiatus following Thanksgiving, Saturday Night Live was back for another new episode on Saturday, December 2nd, and continued its recent run of delivering legitimately hilarious sketches. The mega-talented Emma Stone returned for her fifth time hosting the show, and, as a result, was given the requisite “Five-Timers” blazer. Featuring surprise cameos from legends Tina Fey and Candice Bergen, Stone’s opening monologue was great, but it wasn’t the best thing in the latest SNL.

Here are the three most brilliantly hilarious sketches from the Emma Stone Saturday Night Live episode from December 2, 2023.

3. Question Quest

We don’t know anyone who was given a tortoise as a pet when they were kids, but as this sketch points out, that’s a huge commitment! Because tortoises live so freaking long, we’re not actually sure any kid would want one as a pet. As this sketch points out, you might scar a future adult for life if their childhood pet is destined to outlive them.

2. Fully Naked in New York

File this one under so-random-it’s-perfect. Since the days of Andy Samberg, SNL has been giving us hilarious and weird music videos. From “D*ck in a Box” all the way up to the recent “Rome Song,” the pre-recorded (very much not live) Saturday Night Live skits are often the best part. With “Fully Naked in New York,” Emma Stone and Bowen Yang briefly convince us they’re in an actual musical. Come for the hilarious opening, and stay for the inexplicable jokes about taking out trash while only wearing gloves.

1. Make Your Own Kind of Music

In what is perhaps one of the smartest, most subversive SNL sketches in recent memory, Emma Stone plays a chain-smoking 1960s record producer obsessed with thinking about how a sweet Mama Cass song will be used in blockbuster movies decades later. Skewering the modern trend of juxtaposing a happy song with violent imagery, Emma Stone and Chloe Troast are not only perfect together, but the writing is spot-on. Needle drops can be cool moments in big TV shows or films, but there does seem to be an overreliance on this kind of thing, since perhaps the 1990s.

Stone is goofy as hell here, alternating between great physical comedy and awesome jokes. And yes, Troast makes us believe that legendary musicians of the past would probably be horrified if they saw how their tracks are being deployed today.

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