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The day has finally arrived for Bluey fans, as the last batch of unaired episodes are about to arrive after what feels like ages. While it might not be in time to be a holiday gift for your family, it’s still a very welcome announcement that is long overdue. To be clear, these episodes have aired already in Australia, but for US viewers are, for all intents and purposes, brand new.

Fatherly has the scoop on when you can watch this batch, info on what episodes are in this group, and what this means for the future of the series.

When will the new Bluey episode hit Disney+?

The official Bluey blog revealed the dates: the next set of 10 episodes from season three will debut on Disney+ on January 12, 2024. I can’t think of a better way to spend that Friday other than binging this batch, which includes some hilarious and emotional episodes that fans have been hard-pressed to watch.

This is the final group from the third season, which began airing in its country of origin, Australia, all the way back in September 2021. It’s been a very long run, with an unusual release schedule, but this never-ending season is about to conclude with a bang!

Here’s a spoiler-free rundown of each episode joining the lineup:

“Cubby” – Bingo and Bluey create a special place in their home for stuffed toy Kimjim, and rapidly transform the house into one massive and labyrinthian pillow & blanket fortress.

“Exercise” – Bandit tries to lose weight ahead of his annual physical and finds the best way to do it is by playing with his girls.

On the topic of banned or censored Bluey episodes, “Exercise” was one that saw changes immediately after its first airing. Spoilers ahead if you want to learn more about the controversy around this one!

“Relax” – The Heelers take a vacation, but Chilli is having difficulties letting go of the stresses of adulthood. Meanwhile, Bingo and Bluey are having the greatest time ever wandering around their hotel room instead of the gorgeous beach around them.

“Stickbird” – A follow-up to “Relax,” the Heelers are at last spending time on the beach during their holiday, but Bandit is stuck in his head about something that happened at his job and finds it hard to concentrate on his vacation.

“Show & Tell” – Bingo struggles to prepare for a Show & Tell session at school, as Bandit is accused by Bluey of being too bossy.

“Dragon” – Bluey has trouble drawing a dragon, and the entire family jumps in to help while acting out a story that practically turns into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign while learning an emotional revelation from Chilli. Get the tissue box ready for this one!

“Wild Girls” – Chloe, Indy, and Coco play a game of “Wild Girls” at school, but things go awry when the pups have trouble making it work for everyone.

“TV Shop” – Bluey and Bingo take a trip to the pharmacy and keep themselves occupied by watching themselves on the security cameras.

“Slide” – While enjoying a playdate together, Bingo and Lila break out a waterslide to play on, but find their attention turned to protecting some new small friends they meet outside.

“Cricket” – Every single dad in the neighborhood is trying to strike out Rusty during a game of Cricket, and Bandit tells the story of why trying to do that is nearly impossible.

This episode was ranked as Australia’s favorite Bluey cartoon during the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s recent Bluey Fest, shocking many American fans. It’ll be curious to see how fans who have no idea what Cricket is react to this one, and might become a divisive one among the community.

No date has been announced yet as to when these will join the Disney family of TV channels outside of Disney+; so stay tuned to Fatherly for updates on that front.

A Trifficult Season

In addition to this batch, the season three finale is also scheduled for release at some point in 2024. No one knows what this episode will be about, causing fans to create plenty of theories while they wait. Fortunately, fans outside of Australia won’t have to be too patient to watch it, as this special longer episode of will be simulcast around the globe on the same day and time for everyone! This is a first in Bluey history, foregoing the typical delay that international viewers are forced to endure.

The future of Bluey beyond this third season has been kept hush-hush. What we know so far is the producers plan to take a break before diving into whatever comes next for the series. but rest assured, more Bluey will be on the way, it just might take a while before it gets here.

Bluey is available to stream in the US on Disney+.