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Who wants a warm hug? Although the Disney movie Wish connects itself to several other beloved Disney movies — and serves as an origin story for Snow White — there was one very popular Disney movie that almost got a shout-out, too. As revealed in a new deleted scene, the character of Star was almost very, very different.

On January 23, 2024, Disney will release Wish on digital. This digital purchase of the movie will include a ton of special features, including deleted scenes. Here at Fatherly, we were big fans of Wish when it was released over the 2023 holidays, and so, we’re proud to present this exclusive deleted scene from Wish, introduced by Mark Kennedy, the head of story on the film.

Wish deleted scene — Star transforms

As Mark Kennedy explains in this clip, the character of “Star” in Wish originally had a superpower, that enabled massive shapeshifting. Although this concept was later changed, one chase scene would have seen Star transform into a variety of different characters, including, briefly, Olaf from Frozen.

Obviously, the more minimalist way Star was rendered in the final movie is probably a bit cuter and keeps the movie from being over-stuffed. And yet, it’s cool to think that in one version of Wish, the party could have been crashed by even more classic Disney characters, including, the most hilarious snowmen of them all.

Wish will be available at digital retailers on January 23 and on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on March 12.