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The Heeler house on the popular Australian kids’ show Bluey is talked about often among fans, primarily those wondering how a pair of dogs with two pups can afford a house as big as theirs. Next year, families will be able to walk through the actual Bluey house as part of an enormous new attraction that promises to be more epic than Stumpfest! The cartoon is about to come to life like never before! The only problem is, for most American fans, admission will require some plane tickets.

Here’s the scoop on the actual, physical, real Bluey house, and how you can visit it.

It’s A Bluey World, After All!

An announcement over the weekend by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation revealed Bluey’s World is about to be brought to life in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland in northeastern Australia. Supported by Queensland Tourism and the BBC, this new park located at the Northshore Pavilion at Hamilton hopes to bring in tourists and Bluey lovers from every corner of the globe.

Bluey’s World will be among the largest immersive experiences for families ever built in Australia, weighing in at an enormous 4000-square meter space, equal to over 13,000 square feet for those not familiar with the Metric system. The centerpiece of this attraction will be a life-sized version of Bluey’s home, in addition to other iconic locales from the show like the Heeler backyard, the creek, and a playground. I’m hoping there will be food stalls like in the episode “Markets,” because I’ve been waiting to try some cake from Indy’s mum since that episode aired.

The reason this attraction will be in Brisbane is because that’s the hometown of Bluey. Many of the places seen on the show originated from real locations there, which was also where show creator Joe Brumm grew up and the spot where he started Ludo Studio, the production company responsible for making the popular cartoon.

The inception of this experience is thanks to the worldwide success of “Bluey’s Big Play,” which is currently in the midst of another US tour. This interactive theater experience has had highly positive acclaim from critics and families alike and will influence many of the ways attendees to this new attraction will be involved in what happens during their experience.

How can my family visit Bluey’s World?

Unfortunately for many American fans, a trip to Bluey’s World starts with airfare in order to arrive in The Land Down Under. This experience will not be in the US, and unlike “Bluey’s Big Play” is exclusive to Australia. Families will have time to start saving, however, as the attraction isn’t set to open until August 2024. This also answers the question many Bluey fans have had about whether they’ll ever see the Heelers wandering around Disney parks, which at this time would seem to be a no.

Prices and additional info about this attraction are not yet available, so stay tuned to Fatherly for more updates as we get closer to the opening date.

We’re not sure if there will be any new Bluey episodes or not by then, since their third season is about to end early next year before the producers take a voluntary hiatus to relax before diving back in. The upside is all of the remaining Bluey episodes should be available to all audiences before August, giving everyone plenty of time to brush up on their Bluey. This attraction will be an excellent way to keep the momentum of this amazing animated import strong during this pause and has the potential to become the big summer trip for many families in 2024.

Bluey is available to stream in the US on Disney+.