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Everyone is sick of streaming price increases. In fact, at this point, the cost of streaming has become so out of control that it makes sense if you’re thinking about getting rid of one of the services that you don’t love anymore. Right now, Netflix’s premium plan is more than $20 a month, and Max’s is about the same. This is say nothing of Disney+ or Hulu, Paramount+, and Apple TV. So is there any way families can win with a little bit of consolidation?

The short answer is maybe. As of December 7, 2023, you’ll be able to subscribe to Netflix and Max in a first-of-its-kind bundle that will give you more to watch and save you money. But there’s a catch — and a big one for parents who are doing everything in their power to make sure their kids avoid the plagues of TV advertising.

According to Variety, the new deal brings Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery Max together in an affordable bundle that will only cost subscribers $10 per month — a savings of approximately 40 percent compared to the per-month cost of subscribing to the two streaming services separately, so not exactly chump change.

However, the new bundle only includes the lower tier subscription levels for both steaming services, and that means, sadly, that it will include ads. The bundle will consist of the ad-supported Max and the ad-supported Netflix plans, typically costing $9.99 and $6.99 per month, respectively.

There’s also one more massive problem: You may not even be able to get this bundle, even if you want it. And that’s because this bundle package is only available to Verizon subscribers who have the myPlan service.

“Verizon is the first provider to offer a bundle of Netflix & Max (with ads), and it’s available to all myPlan customers,” the company shared while announcing the new streaming bundle, per Variety. “Verizon is using its strategic relationships with the biggest players in the content industry to continue to unlock more value for its wireless customers.”

The new bundle clearly wants to incentivize and grab the attention of potential new customers for Verizon or new subscribers to its myPlan program, while Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery have the chance to boost their subscriber list. Verizon offers several other bundle packs of different streaming services, most on ad-supported tiers. This includes the popular Disney bundle, which packages Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ into one monthly fee.

So, should you get the cheap Netflix/Max bundle? Sure, if you have Verizon and you’re okay with a bunch of ads, this is not the worst deal. But, in the world of bonkers expensive streaming services, this bundle may end up being cold comfort — leading many to consider cancelling a streaming service to save money instead.