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I’ve completed not one, but two cross-country road trips in a minivan with my kids singing, playing, and sometimes crying their eyes out in the backseat. Every single trip I’ve taken with my kids has been memorable, but I can easily remember how grueling it was at moments, too. Thankfully there are so many awesome products available at Target right now that’ll make traveling with kids easier. We’ve collected all the best, from junior-sized suitcases to entertaining activity books and foldable potty seats — and of course, hand sanitizer! Here’s what you need to pack to have a smooth, easy trip with your kiddo.

Rolling Kids Luggage


This adorable suitcase will allow your kid to roll through the airport in style. Carrying their own pajamas, toys, and games will make them happy, which in turn, makes traveling easier for you!

Portable High Chair w/ 1 Click Setup


Save 50% on this genius portable high chair that’s small enough to fit in your carry-on. Its 5-point harness will keep your toddler safe and it’s machine-washable for easy clean up.

Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal for Kids

Kristy Alpert

Traveling with kids is full of utterly mundane moments in between the awesome photo ops. This clever book of 100 brain teasers, writing prompts, puzzles, bingo cards, and other activities was written by an award-winning travel journalist and will ensure your kiddo is never bored while on the go.

2 Pack Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillows

Okuna Outpost

Priced at just $14, this two-pack of inflatable foot cushions is a must-have when traveling with little ones. Use them to keep your kids from kicking the back of the seat in front of them, or use them as a pillow on long car rides.

Ultra Strength Goodbye Stress Relief Softgels Supplement – 60ct


This one’s for you, dad. Pop a couple of these stress-relieving soft gels to take the edge off while traveling with your family. This one-month supply clocks in at just $20.

Travel Electronic Case Organizer


This $16 electronics organizer is a priceless purchase. Use it to keep those unruly cords, devices, accessories, and portable chargers neat and within arm’s reach for the duration of your travels (and beyond).

Bubble Gum Flavor All-in-One Tummy Relief for Kids


While you’re in the air or bumping along the highway, traveling can sometimes take its toll on the tiniest of tummies. Be prepared to soothe their stomachs in seconds with bubblegum-flavored liquid tummy relief.

Crayola Lip Smacker Tin

Lip Smacker

The smallest of problems are often what can derail a family vacation the fastest. Because little kids are more sensitive than us, chapped lips are one of those relatively minor annoyances that can make children lose it! Make sure you have this fun Crayola crayon-themed set of lip balm within reach whenever and wherever you travel with your kids.

ATH-M20xBT, Wireless Over-Ear Headphones


If you’ve got an older kiddo in tow, outfit them with these over-the-ear headphones that deliver crisp, clear sound. The best part of these Bluetooth headphones is that there’s an adapter to plug them into the airplane entertainment center to watch and listen to movies in flight!

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet 8″


With games, apps, music, shows, and movies at their fingertips, this rugged kid’s tablet with 13+ hours of battery life is sure to keep meltdowns at bay. Right now, it’s $50 off.

Folding Travel Potty Seat with Free Travel Bag


Traveling with a kid who is potty training can be a dicey proposition. Having this folding travel potty seat is a must if you want a cleaner and easier public bathroom experience. The included bag makes the seat easy to travel with and its suction cups will secure it to any standard-sized toilet.

Where’s Waldo? the Totally Essential Travel Collection

Martin Handford

220 pages of searching for the puzzling, striped-shirt-wearing Waldo, plus a 5-minute challenge on every page to occupy your kiddo in transit? This sounds like an essential travel item to us!

Portable Folding Lightweight Compact Baby Stroller


Save $80 on this travel-ready foldable stroller. It comes with a carrying bag and weighs just 16.3 pounds.

Peyton Animal Slip On Clog Slippers


Perfect for plane, train, and automobile travel, every kid should have a pair of fuzzy travel slippers. Right now they’re 30% off.

Kids Chewable Motion Sickness Relief Tablets


These chewable motion sickness tablets can soothe tiny tummies when the ocean or backseat of the car becomes too much for your mini-me.

GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat


With an easy-to-clean fabric and a clever handle for carrying onto a plane, this lightweight booster seat will keep your kiddo safe in transit.

XGO3 Kids Smartwatch Cell Phone with GPS Tracker


This smartwatch is a perfect way to keep an eye on your kid’s location — especially if they tend to wander. It can make and receive calls, send messages, and even take pictures.

Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer


Send germs packing with this TSA-compliant, mandarin-scented hand sanitizer.

Travel Buddiez – Penguin Family (4 pack) Multicolored

Kanga Care

These TSA-approved travel containers make packing — and showering! — fun. This 4-pack (perfect for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion) costs just $16.

Kids Travel Activity Tray

Lusso Gear

This clever activity tray has surfaces, pouches, and pockets to hold all your child’s gear and gadgets, like their tablet, activity books, crayons, lip balm, and hand sanitizer. Plus, it fits nicely over any booster seat. That’s a recipe for an extremely happy traveling kid!