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Years ago, households were debating whether it was time to give up traditional cable TV and switch to a streaming service, back when there was only one option. Now, though, things have flipped. There are streaming services for everything, and it’s a little out of control. There isn’t one service that will give access to all your favorite shows; you’ll need Netflix for one series, Disney+ for another, Paramount+, Hulu, Max, Apple TV … and the list goes on. But the good news is that two of the most underrated streaming services for parents could get far cheaper soon.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Paramount+ and Apple TV are in the beginning stages of working to build a partnership that will bundle the two streaming platforms.

“The companies have talked about offering a combination of Paramount+ and Apple TV+ that would cost less than subscribing to both services separately,” the outlet reports. “The discussions are in their early stages, and it is unclear what shape a bundle could take.”

The publication notes that streaming service companies offering bundle deals help reduce the likeliness of those new subscribers becoming short-term customers, and with the monthly subscription fee most streaming services offer, “it is easy” for viewers to cancel their subscription “when they are done binge-watching a specific show.”

And one fix for this business concern is to make the subscription more beneficial to the audience. Offering bundle services “decreases the likelihood that subscribers will cancel on any given month,” too. But, if these two streaming services do end up bundling together it would be great news for parents, too.

Why Paramount+ and Apple TV are great for kids and adults

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While Paramount and Apple are obviously big names, anecdotally, families probably prioritize Netflix and Disney+ over these two services slightly more. That said, both have a lot to offer not just for little kids, but the parents, too.

Paramount+ has some huge hitters in the family entertainment categories including PAW Patrol, Dora the Explorer, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (and the TV show), The Addams Family, and classics like Charlotte’s Web, SpyKids, Blue’s Clues, Eureeka’s Castle, and Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown. For the adults to watch after hours, Paramount+ has a ton, including the entire Star Trek franchise — including new hits like Strange New Worlds and Picard — but also the Yellowstone spin-offs like the Harrison Ford-centric prequel, 1923.

Meanwhile, Apple TV+ has the classic and iconic Charlie Brown holiday episodes, including A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Snoopy Show. It also has Harriet the Spy, Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Spirited, Stillwater, Frog & Toad, and tons of other kids’ programming. For grown-ups, Apple TV is the home to a huge amount of critically acclaimed shows including Servance, Ted Lasso, For All Mankind, Foundation, and this year’s awesome new Godzilla show; Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, starring father-and-son duo Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell as the SAME PERSON.

This bundle rumor comes a few days after a new deal between Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery Max is set to offer an affordable bundle that will only cost subscribers $10 per month. As of this writing, it hasn’t been confirmed or made official. Yet.