On Monday, January 15, Kieran Culkin brought home an Emmy for lead actor in a drama series for his work on Succession. It’s far from his first award this season for the role of Roman Roy, one of three Roy children fighting to take over their father’s media conglomerate — he also won big at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards. An awards trifecta is, of course, reason enough for celebration — but it was also, according to Culkin, the perfect time to remind his wife of a sort of promise she had made him months ago.

As he accepted his award and thanked his wife, Jazz Charton, her for “giving [him] two amazing kids,” he added, “And, Jazz, I want more. You said maybe, if I win!”

Culkin later explained that he had been talking to his wife about having a third kid (the couple already share two children, Kinsey Sioux and Wilder Wolf).

“I’ve been asking for a while,” Culkin reported, per People. “Jazz said, ‘Maybe if you win the Emmy.’” Then Culkin bided his time: “I didn’t bring it up for months.”

When he brought it back up to her after winning the Golden Globe, he said his wife spent “the whole week being nervous.”

Only time will tell, of course, if Culkin and Charton do have another child. But if they do, we already know what Culkin won’t be naming them — “Emmy, or whatever other cute little thing,” said Culkin, is off the table.

Emmy, however, has a lot going for it. Latin and German in origin, Emmy means “powerful, strong, whole, exalted, rival and equal,” according to The Bump, and is ultra on-trend as an uncommon, vowel-heavy, short name with just one or two syllables. Those are the names that are all the rage at the moment, and for the foreseeable future — baby-naming experts suggest that long, traditional names like Elizabeth and Ezekiel are out. Expect instead to see a resurgence in names like Eli, Ellie, and Zeke. In fact, Emmy is also a perfect nickname for names like Emerson, Emmeline, or Emilia. Since Kieran’s not using it, perhaps another famous Culkin can.