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Every relationship requires conscious fostering of intimacy. For you and your partner to grow with each other, you have to find ways to get to know each other better and listen more attentively. Yeah, this can take some hard work. But it doesn’t have to always feel like work! At least that’s the attitude taken by the recent crop of conversation and activity games for couples, many of which are developed in association with therapists or built on a therapeutic framework. These games — featuring dares, decks of cards with thoughtful prompts, and some sexy adventures — are genuinely fun. What’s more, they aim to advance the skills that make a relationship work, whether you’re having conversations in areas you and your partner might never have covered, or just having fun getting to know each other again. Here are some of our favorite games for couples.

Healthier Together

Healthy Convo Co.

Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel

We’re Not Really Strangers: Couples Edition

The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition

Intimacy Deck

Best Self Co.

Love Lingual

Love Lingual

Get Closer Conversation Game: Couples

Intelligent Change