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Dakota Johnson returned to Saturday Night Live and immediately reminded us why she’s fantastic. Not only did she bring a range of bizarre and hilarious characters to all the sketches, but she also kicked things off with a great monologue that reminded us all that yes, her parents are Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. In fact, in one moment, Johnson shared a clip of her father talking on the red carpet when she was just 7 years old, rolling her eyes and mocking the sh*t out of him.

The rest of the new SNL episode was delightful, complete with a welcome return from Jimmy Fallon. But, if you missed SNL, here are our picks for the three best moments from Dakota Johnson’s refreshing, and funny, new episode.

3. Roast

We’re all about the little trio that could, Please Don’t Destroy. But Dakota Johnson roasting them, by referring to them as the lonelier island, was not something we were ready for. This sketch was savage and perfect. Especially, the brief dip into self-hatred about nepotism.

2. Horny Little Dork

Although this sketch didn’t air during the actual episode, it’s possibly the one that hits the closest to home for married couples everywhere. Do you use a weird voice to flirt with your wife? Because honestly, when James Austin Johnson did the robot voice to come onto Chloe Troast, we felt like it was a personal attack. Brilliant.

1. Home Videos

In a brilliant throwback to the trashy talk shows of the 1990s, Andrew Dismukes discovers that his parents were once guests on a hilarious version of a show with Jerry Springer vibes. Come for Dakota Johnson’s hilarious range, but stay for Marcello Hernández’s brilliant role as “Spooky,” the guy from Game Stop.

Bonus: Timberlake’s Return

After crashing Johnson’s opening monologue, Justin Timberlake returned to SNL for a pretty funny sketch with surprise guest Jimmy Fallon. But, honestly, the best Timberlake action in this episode was him doing what he does best; singing! Timberlake’s new songs slay, and his performance of “Selfish” was particularly good. Our kids may know him as Branch from Trolls, but he’ll always be JT to us.

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